[id] Deutsche Immobilienrendite


Press release

"Wohnimmobilien in Deutschland werden immer teurer!" Dies meldete Anfang August das Institut der Wirtschaft Kölmn (IW). Eine Preisblase scheint aber nicht in Sicht. (more...)

TV - Medien 22.08.2014

"Einpendeln auf hohem Niveau" Investoren können mit einem deutlich wachsenden Angebot an Wohnimmobilienfonds rechnen.


[id] IMMOBILIEN IN DEUTSCHLAND AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT (literally “Real Estate in Germany Stock Company”) focuses on the German real estate market.

[id]’s core business comprises the investment in real estate, joint ventures, the establishment of REITs and asset management of its own and third party portfolios. (more...)

Our strengths

[id] is the continuation of our activities in the real estate market during the last three decades within the frame of a stock company. [id] benefits from all the strengths of an established property company.

  • management activities in the real estate market for nearly thirty years
  • comprehensive experience in transaction management and project coordination
  • excellent market access due to longstanding networks (access to off-market transactions)
  • Germany-wide network provides the basis for strategic cooperations and shared investments regarding both property and financing